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Vol. 25, No. 5 announces the finalists attending statewide academic research competitions, international travel and study opportunities, and a student art exhibit in the ARTS building.

Vol. 11, No. 26 reports on research across campus, job fair, budget cuts for the College of Arts & Sciences, summer studies in Mexico, evacuation of the Kellogg Library, fair trade coffee, and second International Fair.

Vol. 10x, No. 19 reports on the controversy surrounding removal and reinstatement of an ASI representative. Other articles report on Black History Month activities and vandalism of the student lounge in Commons. The CSUSM Theatre (ARTS 111) sees its…

Volume 3, Number 8 of the first student newspaper on the CSUSM campus. The cover story reports on flood damage in Craven Hall, new campus policies and student's and faculty's trip to Ghana.
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