The daily life and activities of university students are captured in a variety of publications and images, but one of the most visible and long-standing records is the student newspaper. Cal State San Marcos student newspapers have been published under different titles, formats, and colors. The five different publications showcased in this exhibit reflect the growth of the student body, diverse editorial focus, and changing attitudes over our first twenty-five years.

This online exhibit includes the following Cal State San Marcos student newspapers:

The Cougar Chronicle

The Pride


You Name It

An alternative campus publication was also digitized and is available in this online exhibit: 

Plan 9 from Outer Space 


Scheduled publication frequency has varied over the years between weekly and bi-weekly with no publication during holiday and summer breaks. Fewer issues than normal were published in the fall semester of 1998 and spring semesters of 1995 and 1999. There are some discrepancies in volume and issue numbering as well as some missing issues in the collection.

The missing newspaper issues are listed on this page. If you have an issue that would fill a gap, please let the University Archives know! We can have it scanned and returned to you. 

Current issues of The Cougar Chronicle are available across campus on a bi-weekly schedule. Online access for articles published since August 2010 may be found at the The Cougar Chronicle web site.

Other student-focused publications related to this collection are accessible in their original formats in the University Archives in the Kellogg Library.

The digitization of "CSUSM Student Newspapers: 1990 - 2015 The First 25 Years" was funded by the California State University San Marcos 25th Anniversary Committee and the University Library.