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Vol. 28, No. 4 features protests against the Koala, Halloween festivities and history, the rumor of the library being haunted, and the campus Improv team.

Vol. 22, No. 6 focused on Halloween folklore, customs, and activities. The impact of the instructional furlough due to budget cuts is covered. Cross-country and soccer successes are announced.

The Vol. 10x, No. 10 edition of The Pride features reporting on the 8th Annual Dia de los Muertos celebration as well as President Gonzalez' response for the MBA program problems. (Note: This year was misidentified as Vol. 10 It should have been…

The Vol. 5, No. 3 cover story of The Pride explains the Halloween holiday.

Volume 42, number 6 of The Cougar Chronicle. The issue includes stories of a retiring K-9 campus bomb sniffer and CSUSM student's confession to sexploitation crime.

Volume 42, number 4 of The Cougar Chronicle. The issue includes stories of CSUSM student victims of computer hacking, academics, and Halloween.

Volume 43, number 4 of The Cougar Chronicle. The issues focuses on stories of cultural diversity. Other topics include a demonstration in support of the CSU system improving faculty contracts and a proposal to create a Raza Center for Latino…

Volume 40, number 4 of The Cougar Chronicle. The issue includes stories of the loss of a CSUSM student, state election propositions, Homecoming events, and Halloween.

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Volume 41, number 1 of The Cougar Chronicle. This issue includes stories of cyber security, physical abuse, and academic majors.

Volume 1, Number 5 of the first independent student newspaper on the CSUSM campus. While Halloween celebrations dominate this issue, the Pioneer staff editorial page provides recommendations for the upcoming November election.
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