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Rollie Ayers (center, no jacket), Paul Ecke Jr. (right to Ayers), and Ed Harloff.

Paul Ecke Jr. Century Club Member
Ed Harloff (center right), a family friend and local car dealer in Encinitas, CA.

In deep appreciation for friendship and generous support of service to young people through the North Coast - Paul Ecke Jr.
Paul Ecke Sr. (left), William Dealy (right, without a hat). Bill Dealy was married to Ruth (Crix) Ecke, Paul and Magdalena Ecke's daughter.
Workers with field-cut poinsettias

Workers in the greenhouse

Where Christmas Begins (narrative style history)
From left to right: Vanessa and Corinne May,  daughters of Sara Ecke May.
The Lego installation was put out on Carlsbad Ranch prior to the move by Legoland to test how the pieces would weather in that location. The level of salt in the air was one consideration.
Unidentified needle point work, presumably a gift to the Ecke family. 
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