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Paul Ecke Jr. (right), accepting an award at unidentified event.
Picture taken at the Del Mar Fair Garden Show (renamed the Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show) with Paul Ecke Jr. presumably awarding the Paul Ecke Sr. Award to the winner.
Paul Ecke III and unidentified man in front of the main office, Paul Ecke Ranch, Encinitas, CA
From left to right: Peter Fitzpatrick (family dentist, Encinitas), John Barrett (sp.), attorney and family friend, Lola Larson, and Paul Ecke Jr. Lola and Paul went to elementary school together. The group is pictured with a YMCA award.
Paul Ecke Jr. (second from left), Mary Cathey (third from left), and Dr. Marc Cathey (far right), director, U.S. National Arboretum.
Paul Ecke III and Ricardo Campos, manager, Paul Ecke de Guatemala, with the "Exporter of the Year" award, Guatemala.
Paul Ecke III and Juan Carlos Paiz at unidentified industry event in Guatemala
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