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Paul Ecke Jr. (right), accepting an award at unidentified event.
Paul Ecke Jr. (right). The picture was taken on the Paul Ecke Ranch in what were animal pens from the time Paul Ecke Jr.'s children were young and in 4-H. The pens and barn were eventually used as a growing area, with the barn built like a…
David Meyer, Matthew Meyer and Lizbeth Ecke at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA.
Picture taken at the Del Mar Fair Garden Show (renamed the Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show) with Paul Ecke Jr. presumably awarding the Paul Ecke Sr. Award to the winner.
Paul Ecke Jr. and an unidentified person, presumably a member of the Japanese Poinsettia Grower delegation. Picture taken in the Paul Ecke Ranch greenhouses in Encinitas, CA.
Dr. Pat Morishita, an entomologist at the University of California Riverside, consulted at the Ecke Ranch.
Paul Ecke Sr. in the the Bird of Paradise fields on the Encinitas Ranch looking north. The white sleeves were put over the flowers to protect them.
Rooted poinsettia cuttings in trays going from greenhouse to barn to be packed up for shipping.
Paul Ecke III's backyard in Santa Clara, when he worked for Hewlett Packard.
Paul Ecke Jr. at the San Diego International Floral Trade Center, Carlsbad. The Center was owned and developed by Carltas, the Ecke family real estate company. 
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