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Paul Ecke Sr. in the the Bird of Paradise fields on the Encinitas Ranch looking north. The white sleeves were put over the flowers to protect them.
From left to right: Duane Winter (Paul and Magdalena Ecke's grandson and Barbara and Ray Winter's son), Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke, Connie Winter, Ray Robert Winter (Paul and Magdalena's grandson and Barbara and Ray Winter's son), Barbara Ecke…
Paul Ecke Jr. with unidentified person at an industry event titled "Winds of Tomorrow"
Paul Ecke Jr. at Flower Auction in the San Diego International Floral Trade Center, Carlsbad.
Prior to the 1960's, Poinsettia sales consisted primarily of cut flowers.
Paul Ecke Sr. (left), William Dealy (right, without a hat). Bill Dealy was married to Ruth (Crix) Ecke, Paul and Magdalena Ecke's daughter. 
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