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Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, portrait 2

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, portrait 1

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke at The Paul Ecke Ranch house, Encinitas
Unidentified sepia photograph with "Greer" handwritten on the bottom right
Unidentified child in color photo
Connie Van Hertzon was Paul Ecke Sr.'s boyhood friend, and eventually his attorney.
Alex Laurie, floriculture professor, Ohio State University. The Society of American Florists established an award in his name in 1948.
Eddy Jednak (personal friend). Paul Ecke Jr. and Elisabeth Ecke (wife) displayed photographs of friends in the dining room at the Ranch house, Encinitas, CA.

Mel Maurer, Magdalena Ecke's brother. This photograph was displayed in the Ecke Ranch house with photographs of other family friends. At the bottom right of the photograph it says: "To Paul Jr. With best regards, Uncle Mel"

Don Looper, friend of Paul Ecke Jr. and Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke. Handwritten: "For the Rogues Gallery of my good friends, The Eckes. Don Looper." This photograph was displayed in the Ecke Ranch House dining room, along with many other friends of the…

The portrait is framed and there is some a handwritten note in the bottom right corner.

The portrait is framed and has handwritten text on the bottom right

Framed photo of Walter Engel

Framed photograph of John Barrett
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