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Ecke Artifacts Collection


The Ecke artifacts collection include a variety of three-dimensional objects, oversized items, artwork and aerial pictures that help document both the growth of the business as well as the family. 

CSUSM archives staff digitized the collection using an SLR camera mounted on a jib in our in-house production studio. 

Ecke Family Papers


The Ecke collection includes a significant portion of family papers, photographs and artifacts spanning over 90 years and three generations. Prominent people represented include Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke (wife of Paul Ecke Sr.), Paul Ecke Jr., Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke (wife of Paul Ecke Jr.), Paul Ecke III, and Julianne Hampton (wife of Paul Ecke III). Also included are Albert and Henrietta Ecke (Paul Ecke Sr.'s parents), the Maurers (Magdalena Ecke's side of the family), Dealys, Winters, Meyers, Mays, and others.