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YMCA Chairman's Round Table given to Jinx and Paul Ecke for generous support of the YMCA youth programs: North Coast Family YMCA Encinitas, California

Rollie Ayers (center, no jacket), Paul Ecke Jr. (right to Ayers), and Ed Harloff.

Paul Ecke Jr. Century Club Member
Ed Harloff (center right), a family friend and local car dealer in Encinitas, CA.

In deep appreciation for friendship and generous support of service to young people through the North Coast - Paul Ecke Jr.
Paul Ecke Sr. (left), William Dealy (right, without a hat). Bill Dealy was married to Ruth (Crix) Ecke, Paul and Magdalena Ecke's daughter. 

Where Christmas Begins (narrative style history)
From left to right: Vanessa and Corinne May,  daughters of Sara Ecke May.
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