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Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, Lizbeth Ecke, and Paul Ecke, Jr. at an unidentified community event

Paul Ecke, Jr. and Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke (center) at social event

Left to right: Sara Ecke May, Paul Ecke III, Lizbeth Ecke, Paul Ecke III, Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke in a poinsettia field

Paul Ecke, Jr., Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, Paul Ecke, Sr., and Magdalena Ecke

Group photograph. Middle row, left to right: Sue Kint, Chairman Ha's wife, Chairman Ha, Paul Ecke, Jr., David Meyer, ?. Front row, left to right: Lizbeth Ecke, Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke at The Paul Ecke Ranch house, Encinitas

From top to bottom: Paul Ecke III, Paul Ecke, Jr., Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, Lizbeth Ecke

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke died on March 23, 2019, from complications of Alzheimer’s disease at the home of her middle child, daughter Lizbeth Ecke of Encinitas. She was 87.

Letter from Kozuio Sugimoto to Paul Ecke Jr. thanking him for the poinsettias, and keeping him updated of happenings in Montana.
Dear Mr. Ecke,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the very lovely poinsettias. It was very nice of you to…

Letter from Paul Ecke Jr. to Kozuio Sugimoto regarding an employment prospect at his neighbor's estate, Horseman place.

Letter from Paul Ecke Jr. to Kozuio Sugimoto regarding prospects in the San Fernando Valley.

Scrapbook (2 of 18) compiled by Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, wife of Paul Ecke Jr.. The scrapbook documents media mentions of the Paul Ecke Ranch, Inc., Paul Ecke Sr., Paul Ecke Jr., and other family members, as well as notable events on local, regional,…
Julie Hampton (wife of Paul Ecke III) and Ruth Kobayashi, head flower breeder at the Paul Ecke Ranch. 
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