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Left to right: Chairman Ha's wife, Chairman Ha, Sue Kint, Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, Paul Ecke, Jr.
Paul and Magdalena Ecke's "new" house on the hill. Paul Jr. and Elisabeth Ecke eventually moved into their "old" Ranch house.
Paul and Magdalena Ecke moved into their "new" (second) house on the Ecke Ranch, Encinitas, CA in 1957. This is the same house he passed away in at age 96.
Presumably one of Paul Ecke Sr.'s houses in Eagle Rock or Hollywood. Not confirmed.
Maurer family home in late 1890's / early 1900's, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Magdalena Maurer married Paul Ecke Sr..
Paul and Magdalena Ecke built a  new Lillian Rice house in 1937. The building pictured here was eventually used as the main office for the Paul Ecke Ranch.
Thony Maurer (Magdalena Ecke's brother) and wife at their home, Coast Highway, Carlsbad.
Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke and unidentified man in the yard of their new home on the mesa, one year after they moved in.
From left to right: Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke, Mildred Macphearson (Magdalena Ecke's best friend),  Gertrude Fohl and her daughter Louise Fohl (long time family friends).
Paul Ecke Sr. on white horse, age 8 with other unidentified children. Other unidentified people pose in front of the house
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