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Permit authorizing the sale and issuance of securities of Paul Ecke Ranch

Paul Ecke, Jr. and Elisabeth K. Ecke certify that they are the President and Secretary of Paul Ecke, Inc., a California Corporation that owns all the outstanding shares of Paul Ecke Ranch, and that the name of the corporation would merge to…

By-Laws of Paul Ecke Ranch

Assignment of issued patents (8) by Paul Ecke to Paul Ecke, Inc..

Articles of Incorporation of Paul Ecke Ranch

Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation of Paul Ecke Ranch filed with the Secretary of State of the State of California
Paul Ecke Jr. (right), accepting an award at unidentified event.
Steve Barkwell, Blooming Crop Grower for the Paul Ecke Ranch from 1984-1997 in Range 4 or 5 at the Paul Ecke Ranch. Duplicate of EC_301.
Paul Ecke Sr. presumably in Switzerland on a hike.
Paul Ecke Jr. and Barbara Ecke Winter
Unidentified needle point work, presumably a gift to the Ecke family. 
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