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Christmas blooming poinsettia crop sales at unidentified location

Congressional Record Recognizing Contributions of Paul Ecke Jr. to Poinsettia Industry
Connie Van Hertzon was Paul Ecke Sr.'s boyhood friend, and eventually his attorney.
Ricardo Campos (general manager, Paul Ecke de Guatemala) and the engineer who helped design farm 1, near Antigua, Guatemala.
Prior to the 1960's, Poinsettia sales consisted primarily of cut flowers.
From left to right: David Hartley and Ron Cramer, Paul Ecke Ranch employees. Picture taken in the Philippines.
Delegation from the Japanese Poinsettia Growers Association touring the Paul Ecke Ranch, Encinitas, CA
Don Hubbard Sr. owned Don Hubbard Contracting, a San Marcos-based business. Don supported the YMCA, along with Paul Ecke Jr.
Dr. Marc Cathey  (left), director, U.S. National Arboretum, Dinah Shore (center), and Paul Ecke Jr. (right) on the set of the Dinah Shore Show. Paul Ecke Jr. promoted poinsettias on national television shows during Christmas. The Paul Ecke Ranch…

Paul Ecke Jr. promoting poinsettias on the Dinah Shore Show. The Ranch had to bloom poinsettias out of season to be featured on holiday shows as most Christmas shows were filmed in the preceding summer or fall.
Dr. Pat Morishita, an entomologist at the University of California Riverside, consulted at the Ecke Ranch. 
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