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Paul Ecke Jr. (right), accepting an award at unidentified event.
Unidentified sepia photograph with "Greer" handwritten on the bottom right
Steve Barkwell, Blooming Crop Grower for the Paul Ecke Ranch from 1984-1997 in Range 4 or 5 at the Paul Ecke Ranch.
Unidentified group color photo with women, men, children, and babies
Unidentified child in color photo
From left to right: unidentified man, Sara Ecke May, Paul Ecke Jr., Manabu Kurashima (agent of the Paul Ecke Ranch in Japan), Kimie Kurashima (his wife), Magdalena Ecke.
Paul Ecke Sr. and Magdalena Ecke attached these bookplates to books in their family library.
Kimie Kurashima (wife of Manabu Kurashima, agent of the Paul Ecke Ranch in Japan) and Sara Ecke May during a trip to Japan.
Paul Ecke Sr. and Herman Weigand were long-time friends and considered by some to be Encinitas Pioneers. Picture taken at a 4-H event at Walt and Miti Beljean's house, Leucadia, CA.
Paul Ecke Jr. (right). The picture was taken on the Paul Ecke Ranch in what were animal pens from the time Paul Ecke Jr.'s children were young and in 4-H. The pens and barn were eventually used as a growing area, with the barn built like a…
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