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Group photograph of Paul Ecke, Jr. and Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke with unidentified Ranch employees (?)

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke, Christian Majgaard, Lizbeth Ecke, and Paul Ecke, Jr. at an unidentified community event
Paul Ecke Jr. (right). The picture was taken on the Paul Ecke Ranch in what were animal pens from the time Paul Ecke Jr.'s children were young and in 4-H. The pens and barn were eventually used as a growing area, with the barn built like a…
Paul Ecke Jr. and President Gerald Ford at a Society of American Florists event.
Paul Ecke Jr. and an unidentified person, presumably a member of the Japanese Poinsettia Grower delegation. Picture taken in the Paul Ecke Ranch greenhouses in Encinitas, CA.
Paul Ecke Jr. with unidentified person at an industry event titled "Winds of Tomorrow"
Paul Ecke Jr. at Flower Auction in the San Diego International Floral Trade Center, Carlsbad.
Dr. Marc Cathey  (left), director, U.S. National Arboretum, Marci Cathey  (daughter), and Paul Ecke Jr. (right). Poinsettia tree in the background.
Ron Cramer (left), Paul Ecke Jr.(right), with Japanese delegation from the Japanese Poinsettia Association.
Christmas blooming poinsettia crop sales at unidentified location
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