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QUAFF_News 1996-10.pdf
Association newsletters for October, November and December 1996 under Greg Lorton's editorship.

QUAFF History 2001.pdf
Organization histories written by Greg Lorton while QUAFF President as part of application packets for the California Homebrewers Club of the Year competition. Note 2003 document is missing image that was originally included.

Third-sheet flyer with handwritten recipe.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Red ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Ale.

Currently in process. Oral history by Pat and Val McIllhenney recorded 2017-07-07 at Alpine Tavern in Alpine, CA. They founded Alpine Beer Company and Pat started with homebrewing and was a member of QUAFF.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for an Oktoberfest (lager) beer.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a dobbelbock (lager) beer.

Currently in process. Recorded with Rich Link and Greg Lorton at Burning Beard Brewery, El Cajon, CA. Bixby is a homebrewer and long-time member of the Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity (QUAFF.)

Currently in process. Oral history by Lynda Cull recorded 2017-05-11 at Stone World Bistro and Gardens, Escondido, CA. Cull is a homebrewer and financial consultant specializing in the beer industry.

Currently in process. Ulrich is Small Batch Brewer at Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, CA. She is an early member of the Pink Boots Society, the international organization for women professionals in the brewing industry and is currently President,…

Labels for beer named in response to food with alcohol purchase required to be a 'bona fide meal'.

Quarter-sheet note with homebrew-scale recipe using malt and rice extracts. Some doodling on front.

Currently in process. Recorded at Ocean Beach Brewery [AKA OB Brewery], San Diego, CA. Jim is the head brewer at OB Brewery and had just returned from Denver, CO after the brewery won the GABF Best Small Brewery award for 2018. Jim recounts his…

Currently in process. Oral history by Jeff and Dande Bagby recorded 2018-02-21 at Bagby Beer Company, Oceanside, CA. Jeff has worked in various capacities at Stone Brewing, Stuft Pizza, White Labs and Pizza Port and continues to judge brewing…

Homebrew-scale IPA recipe with some additional notes.

Beer_&_Wine_Crafts_ hops_dictionary.pdf
One page handout from Beer and Wine Crafts homebrew supply shop describing various hops varieties.

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Email message with homebrew-scale Munich-style Hefeweizen recipe.

Handwritten notes regarding homebrew-scale Munich-style Hefeweizen recipe.
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