Film, Podcasts, etc.

A list of some film documentaries, television episodes, and podcasts featuring San Diego brewers and breweries, women on brewing, and beer/brewing history. 


Beer City San Diego (David Wadsworth and Aubree Miller, release date August 5, 2021. 

Beer Jesus from America (Sweetwood Films, 2019) Available on Amazon Prime

Craft: The California Beer Documentary (Jeff Smith, dir., 2016) Available on Amazon Prime

Suds County USA (Sheldon Kaplan, dir., 2011)


Kings of the Craft (KPBS, 2015-2016)

Savor San Diego (KPBS)

  • Season 2, episode 5 (2014, Ballast Point, White Labs)
  • Season 4, episode 2 (2017, Nickel Beer in Julian)


Other Sources

  • Business is Brewing (City of San Diego Economic Development Department with interactive map. This is only San Diego City, not entire county.)
  • San Diego Beer News (blog, five-day-a-week news through website and mailing list.)
  • San Diego Coast Lifestyle (YouTube channel.)
  • San Diego Union Tribune features various local beer writers in regular and special articles. Peter Rowe, Brandon Hernandez, Sara Butler are some of the frequent authors. 

Other Media (not SD-focused)

Women on Beer and Brewing (may require subscribing or purchase)

  • Girl Beer (documentary on women in Los Angeles beer scene) 
  • Women's Craft Beer Collective
  • Flora Brewing (podcasts and more
  • Tara Nurin (publishes through a range of magazines and wrote the book A Woman's Place is in the Brewhouse, Sept. 2021) 
  • Beth Demmon (publishes through a range of magazines, podcasts, etc.)