Publications & Research

Bibliography of research publications, student projects and presentations citing the Brewchive® as example, inspiration or research source. Includes bibliography of the publications by the curator.

Wort, Women and War: Challenges to Early San Diego Brewing. (Downie, accepted for publication in Journal of San Diego History, TBD 2020) 

Women Leaders in the Alcohol Industry (Junker and Weatherford, St. Johns University research guide) 

Archiving Craft Brewing in the U.S (Samantha Dickson, [n.d.])

Joy Lab (Snyder for SJSU class INFO 287-14, 2019)

The Early Brewing Industry in San Diego, California: The San Diego Brewing Company. (Downie, Brewery History, Winter 2018)

Tapping into Beer History: University Creates Archive for Local Breweriana (Downie, American Libraries, November 1, 2018, republished December 27, 2018)

A Look Back: San Diego Beer History from 1868 to 1953 (Kaplan, WestCoaster, September 13, 2018) 

Closed, Thanks for the Memories--An Argument for Historical Preservation (Alberts, Good Beer Hunting, March 7, 2018) 

Brewed Culture: Beer in Context (Alberts, [n.d])