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Paul Ecke III outside of Barn 2 with one of the first Duroc pigs in San Diego County, "J Peter", named after family friend and dentist, J. Peter Fitzpatrick.

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At a Bon Voyage party for a trip to Europe. From left to right: Esther Maurer (Magdalena's sister), Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke. Behind Magdalena is Clara Muerdtrer (Magdalena's sister).

Paul Ecke III and his 4-H steer, Beebe.

Horst Frische (sp): Mother and Father. Family friends of the Ecke family in Magdeburg, Germany.

Robert and Louise Maurer (Magdalena Ecke's parents) on their honeymoon in Switzerland. Louise's maiden name was Roelli.

Magdalena and Paul Ecke Sr. on the stoop of what was their first home on the Encinitas Ranch in 1925. After they built the Lillian Rice house in 1937, this original building was used as the main office for the Paul Ecke Ranch.

Unidentified people on poinsettia field.

Presumably an employee demonstration for a training video on the proper set up or usage of a sprayer.

Paul Ecke Jr. jogging through Encinitas Ranch Greenhouses as part of a running event.

Paul Ecke Jr. and the Ranch trailer used to haul 4-H animals to the Del Mar Fair. The display sign was created by the Society of American Florists to promote the flower industry.

Paul Ecke Jr. in the foreground wearing (presumably) a Micky Mouse costume. Paul Ecke Sr. under the shade structure.

Paul Ecke Jr. and his dog, Brit.

Lieutenant Paul Ecke Jr., U.S. Navy

Paul Ecke Jr. promoting poinsettias on the Dinah Shore Show. The Ranch had to bloom poinsettias out of season to be featured on holiday shows as most Christmas shows were filmed in the preceding summer or fall.

Magdalena and Paul Ecke Sr., presumably at their 50th anniversary celebrations.
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