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Albert Ecke, father of Paul Ecke Sr..

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At a Bon Voyage party for a trip to Europe. From left to right: Esther Maurer (Magdalena's sister), Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke. Behind Magdalena is Clara Muerdtrer (Magdalena's sister).

Certificate issued to Albert Ecke as proof of his competency to give lessons in work on the carpenter's bench and work with cardboard. Original in German language with English-language translation on the reverse.

Daughters of Sara Ecke May

David Meyer, Matthew Meyer and Lizbeth Ecke at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad

Don Looper, friend of Paul Ecke Jr. and Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke. Handwritten: "For the Rogues Gallery of my good friends, The Eckes. Don Looper." This photograph was displayed in the Ecke Ranch House dining room, along with many other friends of the…

Front row from left to right:
Ruth Vogel's son - Walter Vogel, Ruth Vogel (Magdalena's sister), Mel Maurer (Magdalena's brother), Clara Muerdter (Magdalena's sister), Ted Maurer (Magdalena's brother), Esther Maurer (Magdalena's sister), Thony…

Picture taken in front of the Ranch House on Saxony Road.
Front row left to right:
Crix Dealy (Paul and Magdalena's daughter), Elisabeth (Jinx) Ecke (Paul Ecke Jr's wife)
Second row left to right:
?, Paul Ecke Sr. kneeling, Magdalena Ecke,…

Paul Ecke Sr. on white horse, age 8. Ecke family home in Eagle Rock, CA.

Left to right: Sara Ecke May, Paul Ecke III, Lizbeth Ecke, Paul Ecke III, Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke

Paul Ecke Jr's firetruck

Paul Ecke Jr. with his "new" Firetruck in September 1955 at the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, CA.
From Left to Right:
Paul Ecke Jr., Bob & Duane Winter, Barbara Winter (Paul Jr. sister), Ray Winter, Jinx Ecke (wife of Paul Ecke Jr.), Paul Ecke Sr.,…

Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke and Paul Ecke, Jr.
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