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Group photograph of Lizbeth Ecke, Paul Ecke III, Chairman Ha, Paul Ecke, Jr., Chairman Ha's wife, Sue Kint, Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke at an unidentified event
Steve Barkwell, Blooming Crop Grower for the Paul Ecke Ranch from 1984-1997 in Range 4 or 5 at the Paul Ecke Ranch.
Paul Ecke Sr. and Herman Weigand were long-time friends and considered by some to be Encinitas Pioneers. Picture taken at a 4-H event at Walt and Miti Beljean's house, Leucadia, CA.
Picture taken at the Del Mar Fair Garden Show (renamed the Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show) with Paul Ecke Jr. presumably awarding the Paul Ecke Sr. Award to the winner.
From left to right: Maureen Ecke, Andrew and Sara Ecke May, Mark Kenney and his father, Dr. William Kenney, Paul Ecke III, Carole Livingston and her husband, Ben Thorson, and Bud Raffee, married to Lois Kenney.
Paul Ecke III's backyard in Santa Clara, when he worked for Hewlett Packard.
From left to right: Clara Maurer Muerdter, Ruth Maurer Vogel (white earings), Ben Maurer (in the back), Esther Maurer (brown plaid jacket), Paul Ecke Sr., Sue Harper, Billie Maurer (Ben Maurer's wife in white sweater, behind Sue). This picture was…
Paul Ecke Jr. at the San Diego International Floral Trade Center, Carlsbad. The Center was owned and developed by Carltas, the Ecke family real estate company.
Fred Clarke (third from the left in the back), employee of Carltas, and Paul Ecke III (front, center) with unidentified people from the customer service team
From left to right: Joel Goldsmith, Goldsmith Seeds, Joseph Fischer,  Fischer Geraniums, Paul Ecke III, Tom Doak, Yoder Brothers, and Richard Goldsmith, Goldsmith Seeds. The Flower Fields Alliance included four independent flower breeders.
From left to right: Jim Mellano of Mellano and Company, Maureen Ecke (Paul Jr.'s wife), and Paul Ecke Jr. First the right: Bob Otsuka,  market manager for the San Francisco Flower Market, H. Michael Mellano of Mellano and Company, ?, Monica Mellano,…
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