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Samples of media coverage on the impact on and actions by San Diego County craft breweries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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State of California and Breweries During COVID Timeline.pdf
Timeline of activity, legislation and legal actions concerning San Diego County breweries.

Currently being processed. Oral history recorded 2021-03-20 at Nickel Beer in Julian, CA. Nickel is founder and brewer of Nickel Beer as well as partnerships in O'Brien's Pub (San Diego) and West Coast Smoke and Tap House (La Mesa.) His involvement…

Currently in process. Weir started his professional brewing career as likely the youngest head brewer in San Diego County.

Currently in process. Lynette is taproom and hospitality manager for Burning Beard Brewing Company, El Cajon, CA. Became part owner in 2019 after this interview.

Currently in process. Jensen is Head Brewer at Green Flash Brewing, San Diego, CA. He discusses his career in the San Diego brewing industry including work at Karl Strauss and Green Flash beers.

Currently in process. Fischer and Kozcyk, co-founders and owners of Kilowatt Brewing, San Diego (CA) Kozcyk is also head brewer. They discuss starting the brewery and their satellite tasting room in Ocean Beach. Since this interview, they have opened…

Currently in process. Blair is owner and founder of South Park Brewing in San Diego, CA. He also founded a number of other businesses in San Diego among them Monkey Paw and Hamilton's Tavern.

Link to recording and transcript)

Arthur, previously of Cerverceria Cruda and Pizza Port, founded Lost Abbey Brewing Company, San Marcos, CA in the original Stone Brewing location. Lost Abbey began as one entity under the Port Brewing banner which also included Pizza Port as well as…

History of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.pdf
Brief account of the establishment of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in response to the repeal of the Volstead Act and Wright Act.

List of schools and organizations that offer education to the professional and hobbyist brewer. Note information can change.

Poster by students in San Diego State University/California State University San Marcos' BIOL 596 Fall 2023.

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Labels for beer named in response to food with alcohol purchase required to be a 'bona fide meal'.

Competition instructions, score sheet and ribbon awarded to Greg Lorton.

Excel spreadsheet of fermented/distilled beverage manufacturers, tasting rooms and bottle shops' hours and services during the COVID-19 period. Provides information on status, hours, delivery options and more. Resource is continually updated. This…

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for an Oktoberfest (lager) beer.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a dobbelbock (lager) beer.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a dobbelbock (lager) beer.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Ale.

Poster by students and faculty in San Diego State University/California State University San Marcos' BIOL 596 Fall 2023.

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