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Design for stout brewed by Five Suits Brewing, Vista, CA during COVID-19 shutdown.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Sierra Nevada pale ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a dobbelbock (lager) beer.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Red ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a wheat (weizen) beer.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Bass Ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a spiced holiday beer using wheat and honey.

Handwritten notes regarding homebrew-scale Munich-style Hefeweizen recipe.

Quarter-sheet note with homebrew-scale recipe using malt and rice extracts. Some doodling on front.

Third-sheet flyer with handwritten recipe.

Homebrew-scale IPA recipe with some additional notes.

Manila folder with handwritten notes.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Anchor Liberty beer.

QUAFF History 2001.pdf
Organization histories written by Greg Lorton while QUAFF President as part of application packets for the California Homebrewers Club of the Year competition. Note 2003 document is missing image that was originally included.

QUAFF Newsletter 2008-02.pdf
Newsletter dated February 2008. Lead article memorializes Dave Levonian, QUAFF member.

The University Library of CSUSM launches Brewchive®, a comprehensive archive of San Diego’s brewing history. This special collection, one of only a handful in the nation, will celebrate and chronicle the region’s craft brewing.

San Diego is noted…

GL Del Mar Fair Entry LIst 19960626.pdf
List of participants and beers entered in homebrew judging competition at Del Mar Fair.

QUAFF_News 1996-10.pdf
Association newsletters for October, November and December 1996 under Greg Lorton's editorship.

QUAFF_News 1997-01.pdf
Association newsletters January 1997-June 1997 under Greg Lorton's editorship.
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