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Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Bass Ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Samuel Adams pale ale.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Samuel Adams lager.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Pete's Wicked Ale.

Homebrew-scale IPA recipe with some additional notes.

Third-sheet flyer with handwritten recipe.

Quarter-sheet note with homebrew-scale recipe using malt and rice extracts. Some doodling on front.

Goldenrod quarter-sheet flyer with homebrew-scale recipes from Brewers Publications' "Winners Circle" book on one side. Information to purchase book and American Homebrewers Association membership on reverse.

Handwritten notes regarding homebrew-scale Munich-style Hefeweizen recipe.

Email message with homebrew-scale Munich-style Hefeweizen recipe.

Timeline recounting San Diego brewery activity from 1868-present. History is broken into 'waves' of First wave 1868-1919, Second wave 1920-1953, Third wave 1980s-early 2020, Fourth wave 2020-present. Additional timeline of COVID-19 legislation and…

Competition instructions, score sheet and ribbon awarded to Greg Lorton.

Currently being processed. Oral history recorded 2021-03-20 at Nickel Beer in Julian, CA. Nickel is founder and brewer of Nickel Beer as well as partnerships in O'Brien's Pub (San Diego) and West Coast Smoke and Tap House (La Mesa.) His involvement…

State of California and Breweries During COVID Timeline.pdf
Timeline of activity, legislation and legal actions concerning San Diego County breweries.

Excel spreadsheet of fermented/distilled beverage manufacturers, tasting rooms and bottle shops' hours and services during the COVID-19 period. Provides information on status, hours, delivery options and more. Resource is continually updated. This…

Links and scanned documents regarding brewery operations, restrictions, and shut down orders from the State of California and San Diego County. Also includes resources provided by non-governmental organizations.

Samples of media coverage on the impact on and actions by San Diego County craft breweries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 10.10.40 AM.png
Fall Brewing's West Coast IPA can label featuring image of Governor Gavin Newsom following his stay at home order which he did not comply with.

Digital exhibit of selected submissions to the CSUSM Together/Apart Memory Project. Includes some material submitted by brewing industry personnel.

Abnormal Beer's label for one bee in their hazy IPA series brewed during the pandemic.
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