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Elementary school project titled, "Franciscan Mission of California".
From left to right: unidentified man, Sara Ecke May, Paul Ecke Jr., Manabu Kurashima (agent of the Paul Ecke Ranch in Japan), Kimie Kurashima (his wife), Magdalena Ecke.
Paul Ecke Sr. and Magdalena Ecke attached these bookplates to books in their family library.
Kimie Kurashima (wife of Manabu Kurashima, agent of the Paul Ecke Ranch in Japan) and Sara Ecke May during a trip to Japan.
Paul Ecke Jr. (right). The picture was taken on the Paul Ecke Ranch in what were animal pens from the time Paul Ecke Jr.'s children were young and in 4-H. The pens and barn were eventually used as a growing area, with the barn built like a…
Paul Ecke Jr. (left), Alex Szekely (center, CEO, Golden Door Spa, Escondio), and Bob Vice (right, Chairman, California Farm Bureau). All three were directors of the 22nd District of Agriculture (the Del Mar Fair Board). The picture was taken…
From left to right: Sue Kint, Paul Ecke Jr., Maureen Ecke (Paul's wife), Sue Kint's nephew. Sue was a Carltas Company business connection and Korean investor in one of the Carlsbad Projects.
Unidentified photograph of two people
Max Ecke (Paul Ecke III's son) and Paul Ecke Jr. in the poinsettia field along Saxony Road at the Paul Ecke Ranch.
Paul Ecke Jr. and Elisabeth ("Jinx") Ecke on an old fire engine that Paul bought for parades, parties, YMCA events etc..
Presumably at the Lake Arrowhead Cabin where the Ecke family went every summer. Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke engaged someone to help with the three children.
Paul Ecke Jr. and President Gerald Ford at a Society of American Florists event. 
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