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Workers in the greenhouse

Congressional Record Recognizing Contributions of Paul Ecke Jr. to Poinsettia Industry

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Magdalena Ecke obituary

Paul Ecke Jr. (front, center). The Japanese Poinsettia Association (JPA) was formed to get royalty income from Japan before a plant patent protection system was in place. Growers paid royalty to be able to grow Ecke poinsettia varieties, and got…

Paul Ecke Jr. (front, third from left), Dr. Harry Tayama, professor at Ohio State University, and Bob Maddux, friend and customer of the Paul Ecke Ranch.

Paul Ecke Jr. shaking First Lady Rosalyn Carter's hand.

Paul Ecke Jr. (red shirt in the back), Professor Alex Laurie (plaid shirt in the back), and Dude Engel, former classmate and friend of Paul Ecke Jr. from Ohio State University.

Paul Ecke Sr. (left).

Paul Ecke Jr. (in plaid shirt and dark pants).

Paul Ecke Jr. presenting the ranunculus photograph to Edwin Frazee and his wife.

Rollie Ayers (center, no jacket), Paul Ecke Jr. (right to Ayers), and Ed Harloff.

Paul Ecke Jr. (front, wearing sunglasses).
Paul Ecke Jr. and Thony Maurer (Magdalena Ecke's brother) at Barn 1, Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas. Boxes in the background are filled with bare root poinsettias to be sent by rail car across the country. The large scale on the right was used to weigh…
Paul Ecke Jr. (right) with unidentified man
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