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Paul Ecke Sr. and Magdalena Ecke attached these bookplates to books in their family library.
Fred Clarke (third from the left in the back), employee of Carltas, and Paul Ecke III (front, center) with unidentified people from the customer service team
Ron Cramer (left), Paul Ecke Jr.(right), with Japanese delegation from the Japanese Poinsettia Association.
Eckespoint C-1 leaf under the microscope. This was one of the first successful poinsettia varieties from the Ecke Ranch Breeding program.

Postcard of Eckespoint marketing material
Electric cart pulling trays of summer Poinsettia cuttings to be shipped during propagation season

Presumably an employee demonstration for a training video on the proper set up or usage of a sprayer.
Carlos ___, range attendant at the Paul Ecke Ranch, and Paul Ecke III.
Employee event in Guatemala

Employees after a Paul Ecke Ranch fishing trip. Melchor Roblado (left). 
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