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Article profiling the Paul Ecke Ranch published in the Family Circle magazine.

Personal letter from Dinah Shore to Paul Ecke Jr. thanking him for holiday poinsettias. Dinah Shore was a singer and television personality, and host of the Dinah Shore Show.

Postcard of Eckespoint marketing material

Paul Ecke Sr. induction to Society of American Florists Floricultural Hall of Fame

Congressional Record Recognizing Contributions of Paul Ecke Jr. to Poinsettia Industry

Rollie Ayers (center, no jacket), Paul Ecke Jr. (right to Ayers), and Ed Harloff.

Paul Ecke Jr. (front, wearing sunglasses).
Paul Ecke Jr. and Thony Maurer (Magdalena Ecke's brother) at Barn 1, Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas. Boxes in the background are filled with bare root poinsettias to be sent by rail car across the country. The large scale on the right was used to weigh…
From left to right: Joel Goldsmith, Joseph Fischer, Faith Savage (employee), Paul Ecke III, Tom Doak and Richard Goldsmith. 
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