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Goldenrod quarter-sheet flyer with homebrew-scale recipes from Brewers Publications' "Winners Circle" book on one side. Information to purchase book and American Homebrewers Association membership on reverse.

California Wild Ales beer can label created during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Recipe handout from Beer and Wine Crafts homebrew supply for a "beginner" beer. Both sides of handout are the same recipe, one side has some text border and cartoon art.

Beer_&_Wine_Crafts_ hops_dictionary.pdf
One page handout from Beer and Wine Crafts homebrew supply shop describing various hops varieties.

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Handout from Beer and Wine Crafts on processing grain to create wort needed for brewing.

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Amplifed_punkdemic-pils can.jpg
Amplified Ale Works' label for a pilsner brewed during the pandemic.

Newsletter on products, recipes, and information on brewing.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a beginner homebrewer with explanation of ingredients and process including sanitation.

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Red Hook ESB [Extra Special Bitter].

Homebrew-scale beer recipe for a clone of Samuel Adams lager.

Abnormal Beer's label for one bee in their hazy IPA series brewed during the pandemic.
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