Greg Lorton Collection


Lorton, Gregory
Beer judging


Documents and materials donated by Greg Lorton, homebrewer and QUAFF past-President.


California State University San Marcos




Judith A. Downie, Special Collections & History Librarian


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License.

Collection Items

Greg Lorton QUAFF Meeting Notes
Minutes and notes from QUAFF meetings 2000-2001

Greg Lorton Brewlog 1989-1993
Lorton's second brewlog consisting of fourteen recipes.

Greg Lorton Brewlog 1987
Lorton's first brewlog consisting of four recipes including a "Bud" knockoff.

Brewing log 1989-2017 for meads. Note logs are marked "Annabella Valhalla Meadery". In three parts.

Brewlog for cider brewing 2009-2015. Note pages are labeled "Mead Log" and last page is blank

List of participants and beers entered in homebrew judging competition at Del Mar Fair.

Judging results from America's Finest City Homebrew Competition for homebrewed beers and ciders circa 1994. Initals "B.O.S." on first sheet denotes "Best of Show". Five entries each scored 2 or 3 times for a total of 12 score sheets.

Greg Lorton Brewlogs
Homebrewer's log consisting of recipes and notes. First recipe used is from The Home Winemaking Shop. Digital copies in this collection made from paper and electronic versions.
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