Family papers


Family papers


Photographs of the Ecke family spanning three generations.

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Ecke Firetruck
Paul Ecke Jr's firetruck

Ecke Firetruck with family members
Paul Ecke Jr. with his "new" Firetruck in September 1955 at the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, CA.
From Left to Right:
Paul Ecke Jr., Bob & Duane Winter, Barbara Winter (Paul Jr. sister), Ray Winter, Jinx Ecke (wife of Paul Ecke Jr.), Paul Ecke Sr.,…

Ruth, Elisabeth and Barbara Ecke
Left to Right:
Ruth "Crix" Dealy (sister of Paul Ecke Sr.), Elisabeth "Jinx" Ecke (wife of Paul Ecke Sr.), and Barbara Winter (sister of Paul Ecke Sr.) in front of Paul and Magdalena's house in Encinitas.

Henrietta Ecke
Henrietta Ecke, mother of Paul Ecke Sr..

Albert Ecke
Albert Ecke, father of Paul Ecke Sr..

Magdalena Ecke, Paul Ecke Sr. and Paul Ecke Jr. on fishing trip
Magdalena Ecke, Paul Ecke Sr. and Paul Ecke Jr. with unidentified man on a family fishing trip.

Paul Ecke Jr. childhood photograph with siblings (?)
The boy in the center is assumed to be Paul Ecke Jr. by family members.

Henrietta Ecke, boy and a bear
Henrietta Ecke (Paul Ecke Sr.'s mother), unidentified boy and a bear.

Paul Ecke Sr. and Henrietta Ecke
Paul Ecke Sr. with Henrietta Ecke (mother).

Paul Ecke III with his 4-H pig J. Peter.
Paul Ecke III outside of Barn 2 with one of the first Duroc pigs in San Diego County, "J Peter", named after family friend and dentist, J. Peter Fitzpatrick.

Bon Voyage party for a trip to Europe
At a Bon Voyage party for a trip to Europe. From left to right: Esther Maurer (Magdalena's sister), Paul Ecke Sr., Magdalena Ecke. Behind Magdalena is Clara Muerdtrer (Magdalena's sister).

Paul Ecke III and his 4-H steer, Beebe.
Paul Ecke III and his 4-H steer, Beebe.

Hoarts Friske (sp) Mother and Father
Horst Frische (sp): Mother and Father. Family friends of the Ecke family in Magdeburg, Germany.

Robert and Louise Maurer
Robert and Louise Maurer (Magdalena Ecke's parents) on their honeymoon in Switzerland. Louise's maiden name was Roelli.

Magdalena and Paul Ecke Sr. at their first home
Magdalena and Paul Ecke Sr. on the stoop of what was their first home on the Encinitas Ranch in 1925. After they built the Lillian Rice house in 1937, this original building was used as the main office for the Paul Ecke Ranch.
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