Coming Up

Coming Up

Nothing on the calendar right now. Contact Judith Downie at for more.

Recent (sorry we missed you!)

QUAFF San Diego Homebrew Club Meeting August 28, 2018

Judith Downie, the Brewchivetm curator, presented "How Did We Get Here? Colonial Times to San Diego" covering US beer history and how homebrewers have fit into the development of commercial brewing. 

Stone's 22nd Anniversary August 17-18, 2018

The Brewhive(tm) will be at both Friday and Saturday events with samples of some of the treasures we are archiving.

Longship Brewery Pint-Sized Lectures March-May 2018

Judith Downie, the Brewchivetm curator, presented on San Diego brewing history as part of Longship Brewery's "Pint-Sized Lectures".Topics are: San Diego Beer’s History, San Diego Craft Beer’s Hidden Women, Early Third Wave of SD Brewing, and San Diego Beer Myths and Fables. History Lessons with a side of sudes: Longship Brewery's lectures on beer-drinking Vikings and beer topics (San Diego Reader, March 6, 2018)